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Posted On: 11/02/2021 I had an appointment with Dr. Obermayr on October 8, 2021, for a root canal. This is the first time I have ever had a root canal with no pain, during or after. The office was very pleasant and the entire staff was completely professional. Everything was explained clearly and in detail. KATHY T
Posted On: 10/20/2021 They all are very nice , and tells you what they are doing before they start. They have done 4 or 5 root canals for me and I've never had pain before or after Fredricka B P
Posted On: 10/14/2021 The entire team at Heartland is so professional and friendly at the same time. Very informative and transparent about every step of my treatment and yes I have seen both Dr. Kirsch and Dr. Obermayr. I am a new year round resident of Avon Park and it is wonderful to have found such a great team of pros at Heartland !! Linda S B
Posted On: 09/22/2021 Excellent service, great work. You're a patient not a client. Pablo E. S
Posted On: 09/15/2021 Wonderful experience! Caring team, from front desk to special lady who escorted me to my car with an umbrella in the rain!!! Competent, gentle, caring team. I've had no pain and am ready to finish the procedure with a crown tomorrow, at my regular dentist who referred me to Dr. Obermayr. I will refer her to anyone needing her expertise. Theresa G
Posted On: 09/11/2021 Exceptional professional services rendered with care and efficiency by Dr. Obeymayr and her team. EFFIE P.M. S
Posted On: 08/27/2021 I had a root canal done today and it went extremely well. Dr. Obermayr and her staff are wonderful. Rico was great and funny. Everything is explained as they work. I never felt any pain.
I will most definitely refer to others.
Even the consultation was awesome. Fro Tori to Stephanie who made you feel so comfortable.
If I ever need another root canal, I will be going back. Thank you to all for making it so easy and smooth.
Sandi G
Posted On: 08/11/2021 I am a General Dentist with 30 years of experience. Once in a while I treat patients with difficult concerns that are beyond the scope of our practice. When I refer patients to Dr.'s Obermayr and Kirsch I am extremely grateful that they are able treat my patience with a such a superior skill set. They welcomed me to the Sebring Dental community 2 years ago and I have not had one complaint, they have a very professional practice. I would highly recommend Heartland Endodontics/ Periodontics to any patient requiring their services. William K G
Posted On: 08/10/2021 Dr. Obermayr is the one you want to see if you need a root canal. She and her staff are kind, friendly and very understanding toward patients with anxiety. In fact, I've never been to a medical professional who was as nice as Dr. Obermayr and her staff. I'm very grateful to her and her staff for making my experience so pleasant. Desiree W website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 08/10/2021 As a person with severe dental anxiety, I can tell you that Dr. Obermayr and her assistant put all my fears at ease. I can't thank them enough for making my experience as comfortable as possible. I am so thankful that I was referred to Dr. Obermayr. The entire office is terrific and very friendly. My root canal was yesterday and not even an inkling of discomfort. Thank you Dr. Obermayr and staff. Desire'e W
Posted On: 08/06/2021 I had situation that started 6 days ago as an uncomfortable feeling in my upper right jaw and progressed fairly rapidly to pain. Had no I idea what was wrong & what was causing this. Called my regular dentist Dr David Willey, who immediately saw me, diagnosed the problem as a probable dying root issue but wanted to make sure nothing else was amiss & set up an emergency appt with Dr. Gayle Obermyer to make sure. He numbed me to to make comfortable for the time being b/ c of my pain level.
I saw her within 2 hrs and she knew I needed a root canal due to a cracked tooth. She numbed me again to keep me comfortable til I had the procedure a few hours later. Dr Obermyer, her staff and Rico were nothing short of a miracle! Not only did they stay late to perform this procedure after hours, but they were gentle, caring and very efficient. I had no pain what so ever during the procedure which went very well. They told me what was happening the whole time and explained things when I had questions afterwards.
I was sent home with antibiotics & pain meds if needed but asked to try Advil first . I slept thru the niight pain free and took nothing before bedtime. This morning I still am total pain free and can’t believe how great I feel. I highly recommend Dr. Obermyer and her staff for any type of dental emergency. The only thing I would do differently was DON’T wait as long as I did to see a professional. Pain is a symptom that something is wrong. I am also grateful to Dr Willey for sending me to Dr Obermyer. It is very reassuring to know Drs who work in tandem to provide the best possible care for you. I feel Dr Obermyer’s office went above and beyond what most Drs would do. I want to make sure they know how grateful and pleased I am.
5 gold stars, ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Janis T K
Posted On: 07/24/2021 Dr. Obermayr was great! Made me feel really comfortable. I had root canal performed without any problems or difficulty. I would use her again, and would recommend her. Clara E
Posted On: 07/24/2021 My root canal procedure had me worried. No need. Careful work by caring people and everything turned out fine. No pain and fast work. I am very satisfied. Daniel R S
Posted On: 07/12/2021 It took me almost a year to make the appointment. I am terrified of needles and pain. I now wish I had gone sooner.after a week I had no pain whatsoever..
I will absolutely recommend for scared people like me. Great staff.
Joyce C
Posted On: 07/08/2021 Best & least painful ROOT CANAL that I was treated for. From start to finish it was smooth sailing. (And I hate dental work). Pat D. Pat D
Posted On: 07/02/2021 I'm afraid of dentists so was nervous about my root canal. Dr. Obermeyer and her team were so understanding and went out of their way to make me comfortable and to insure I felt no pain. Top class endodontics and incredible patient care. Highly recommend!!! Lisa M P
Posted On: 06/24/2021 Excellent staff and Dr Obermayer was far superior than any Endodontist I have ever been to in the last 30 years. I most highly recommend Dr Obermayer and her staff. Susan H
Posted On: 06/14/2021 Recommended Amazing staff and even better doctor. Dr. Obermayr was always making sure I was comfortable and there wasn’t any pain. Couldn’t have had a better experience. Well, if someone was in the chair besides me would have worked too. Hehe Jennifer D'Amaro D website Logo Facebook Review
Posted On: 06/14/2021 Just want to say what an amazing experience that I had today. Dr. Obermayer and her team were gentle on this very anxious patient. I had to have two root canals done at the same time and practically fell asleep during the process. Definitely the doctor for us chicken patients. Highly recommend her. Jennifer D website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 06/08/2021 I had an absolutely wonderful experience with Dr. Obermayr and her staff. I had a root canal performed with no pain what so ever, which I thought was not obtainable! Definitely recommend this practice for for all endodontic procedures. John E. T
Posted On: 05/10/2021 It went very well. I felt no pain. Kathie P
Posted On: 05/07/2021 Doctor Obermayr and staff make you feel like part of the family. Very professional.. The procedure was completed with my complete satisfaction. Good luck with your training 'ISH' Lex C
Posted On: 05/06/2021 Dr Obermayr and Bertha were very thorough in explaining everything they did. The entire root canal process was pain free. Everyone in the office is friendly and helpful. I am so glad I found them and will recommend them to anyone who needs an endodontist. Bill H
Posted On: 05/04/2021 Excellent staff and facility. Dr. Obermayet is the best. 3 recent root canals that were pain free and pretty timely. Patricia L
Posted On: 04/18/2021 Everyone in the office was very nice and made my root canal easy. I had almost no pain and was able to chew the next morning. Dr. Obermayr made sure I was comfortable thru the total procedure. The technician had me totally relaxed when the procedure started. Safety to protect against the Corona Virus is the best in Sebring. Harold E. H
Posted On: 04/17/2021 One of the best dentists we have had. The staff is considerate, helpful, along with being knowledgeable of Insurance carriers. Aftercare was stressed as a reminder of what we needed to do. Glad to have such a good dentist for our Root Canal work. Diane N
Posted On: 04/16/2021 Dr. Obermayr is the best! She is the most carring dentist. Her and her staff, “ Carrie and Ish” far exceeded my expectations. They provided exceptional service and made me feel calm.
I highly recommend Dr. Obermayr to anyone in need of a root canal.
Deb S website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 04/14/2021 Recommended Today I had my 2 week follow up after dental implants procedure. Everything is fine and I should be ready for my crowns soon. I am very pleased with the great care I am receiving. Harry Floyd Ryder I website Logo Facebook Review
Posted On: 04/02/2021 I have had several root canals completed by Dr Obermayr over the last eight years. She is amazing and really works to save a tooth. The GentleWave procedure was quick and painless. Carol L
Posted On: 03/31/2021 If your looking to get a root canal 100% pain free this is the place. Very professional. This is my first one and I would definitely go back .I often tell people the experience I had, I definitely said I would go back next week on Monday Wed and Friday. It was that good. Kevin C

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