Dental Implants v. Dentures & Bridges

Dental Implants v. Dentures & Bridges

For Sebring, FL patients who are missing teeth, comparing the options to replace missing or damaged teeth can sometimes seem overwhelming. Here at Heartland Endodontics & Periodontics, we are proud to offer a variety of product choices, payment options, and services to transform your smile, restore your teeth, and help improve your confidence. Read on to discover more about our tooth replacement options.

Dental Implants Compared To Removable Dentures

In the past, dentures were the most popular option for tooth replacement. The reason for this is that they were relatively inexpensive, could be made quickly, and could easily be used to help patients eat, speak, and smile once more. The problem is that dentures eventually need replaced, can sometimes become uncomfortable, and often look less-than-natural. When wearing this tooth replacement option, patients can also struggle with speaking clearly and eating some foods.

Traditional dentures can replace a full arch of your teeth but are removable and often need a messy dental adhesive to stay in place. Dentures also do not stop jawbone deterioration, which usually happens when patients do not have teeth attached anymore.

Dental implants offer a much different experience. Since they are permanently attached to the jawbone, implants stay in place, improve oral hygiene, and help you take advantage of normal tooth function once more. Patients can also eat what they want, smile confidently, and speak clearly. Unlike dentures, dental implants can last many decades and help stop jawbone deterioration.

Dental Implants Compared To Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are another common form of tooth replacement. If you choose this option, you will usually get three or more crowns that are fused together. The middle crown takes the place of the missing tooth, while the other two crowns are capped over the adjacent teeth next to the missing tooth area. This requires that the adjacent teeth be ground down as anchors for the middle crown. Problems often happen when patients discover that cleaning the bridge can be tricky. Food particles could become trapped between the bridge and the gums. This option is also only intended to last for a decade or so before it needs to be re-evaluated or replaced.

Alternatively, dental implants are considered by many to be superior to dental bridges. One of the main reasons is that bridges do little to heal the jawbone underneath. As a result, patients still experience jawbone deterioration and changes to their facial structure over time. Dental implants allow functional use of the jawbone so it can heal and regenerate.

What Is The Best Option For Me?

The best thing to do if you have questions about what the best option is for you is to schedule a consultation. This appointment is important because it allows us a chance to examine your mouth and talk about your health. X-rays or CAT scans may also be taken so that we can see what is going on with your jawbone, sinuses, and other delicate structures under the surface of the skin. After this appointment, you will be given options along with a written estimate for your treatment. There is no obligation to purchase services and you will have a chance to ask as many questions as you need to understand your choices fully.

What Can I Do To Prepare Myself For Dental Implants?

There are several things that patients can do to prepare for dental implants. First and foremost, patients should practice good oral hygiene habits and get any existing oral health issues under control. Good overall health, a healthy diet, quitting smoking, and reducing alcohol can also help. For further suggestions, please feel free to call our office or schedule a consultation.

Find Out Which Treatment Is Best For You

There are quite a few tooth replacement options for patients to choose from. If you are curious about dental implants, the placement process, or payment options, there is no better person to ask than Dr. Kirsch. We are also more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have, so please feel free to check out the rest of our dental implant infosite or contact our Sebring, FL practice today.

Dr. Kirsch placed my implants almost 7 years ago and to this day I am not only extremely satisfied with my smile but more confident. More recently Dr. Kirsch did a gum graft over that same area and not only was the healing process easier than expected but they look amazing. I can confidently say I would recommend him for implants / grafts!! His staff is awesome, too!  

Erin B.

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