Vatech Cone Beam Scanner

CBCT (cone beam computed tomography) is a machine that allows us to capture a three-dimensional image of your smile. The device works by taking x-rays that follow a cone-shaped path. After about 90 seconds, the x-rays are collected and combined into a single comprehensive image.

Dr. Kirsch can use a 3D view of your smile to find the ideal area of your jawbone to support a dental implant. If the image shows that your jaw is too weak at the moment for implants, we can complete a variety of supplemental treatments to restore soft or hard tissue — whichever you need.

With an advanced CBCT scanner from Vatech, we can use its different modes to create a more precise, lower-dosage experience for all of our patients.

Thanks so much for your excellent dental care. You are very professional and adapt at putting your patient at ease. Your dental equipment is state-of-the-art. Your assistants are friendly and efficient. With appreciation, (Dr.) Phil Parshall, SIM retired  

Phil P.

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