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Posted On: 01/21/2020 I had to have not one but two root canals on the same day. I had a pain free experience and felt really excited about the advanced equipment being used by Dr. Obermayr. She explained that it is the gold standard in cleaning the root canal to help prevent future problems. I am forever grateful to both Dr. Obermayr and Dr. Kirsch! I highly recommend this office. Rhonda L
Posted On: 01/06/2020 I have been a patient of Dr. Michael Kirsch since he established his practice in Sebring and have nothing but praise for his skills as a periodontist. I enjoy his sense of humor and his relaxed communication with me as his patient. He can quickly alert a patient to problems ahead and give advice in order to correct or avoid difficulties. From the moment you meet his front desk staff, you know you’re in the right place. His dental staffers are also professional, friendly, and very caring. You couldn’t be in better hands! Mary G
Posted On: 01/06/2020 You simply cannot find anyone better than Dr. Obermayr for a root canal, especially a PAINLESS one! Her entire staff is so professional, friendly, and concerned for the patient’s comfort and dental heath. Their training and actions are a result of the leadership and medical skills of Dr. Obermayr. Excellent patient experience! Mary G
Posted On: 12/19/2019 Recommended I was in need of Dr. Oermayr's services and she was SO courteous and professional. I have a horse statue she may want, since I know she loves horses. Me, too, but I like to RIDE them! Nancy P website Logo Facebook Review
Posted On: 11/08/2019 Can't say enough GREAT thing about this place and staff! I had a Great experience from the time I signed in to the time I left. I was very nervous about the procedure( root canal ) but it was thoroughly explained and my fears were calmed. I had no discomfort and it went smoothly. Dr.Obermayr and her staff, Elaine, Chastini, and Ricardo were excellent!! If you find yourself needing dental procedures, this is the place and the people to go to!! She has over 25 years experience and it shows! J K website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 11/02/2019 They are very personable. They really make you feel like you are the only patient they have. Very polite and respectful I would recommend them to anyone. Audry
Posted On: 10/15/2019 Amazingly gentle and kind! Very honest and thorough! If I ever need help again, I will definitely return! Bonnie
Posted On: 09/07/2019 WOW! We were absolutely blown away yesterday during and after the appointment. From the time we entered to the time we left we were greeted and treated by an incredible team of professional staff that Dr. Obermayr has weaved together as a coordinated and highly skilled team that treated us like we were the only folks in the office. AND, this was on a late Friday afternoon appointment! The professionalism, courtesy, gentleness, respect, information, explanations (presented to us at our level of understanding), patience and poise of everyone there was awesome. 10 plus stars is what they earned from us!!! John And Tansy M
Posted On: 09/05/2019 My first root canal...nervous as a cat..and then I met these fabulous people. Reassuring, smiling, even though I was nervous they all made me feel at ease. Dr. Obermeyer explained the procedure, very charming,calming, reassuring and professional. I was ALMOST happy!! This is a fabulously professional, expert and caring group of experts, and kind, sweet and understanding of nervous people like I! Sallie M
Posted On: 09/01/2019 I'm so thankful for what you've done for me so far. Since the first day I met you all I knew that God had placed me in good hands. Thanks, God bless you all Cynthia
Posted On: 08/22/2019 My professional background has made me very aware of service rendered to the public. You and your staff excel in every category and on all levels. Your competence, efficiency, professionalism, and effectiveness are matched by your friendliness, courteousness, and respect. An outstanding example of how it should be done. Thank you! Herbert
Posted On: 08/03/2019 My experience at Dr. Kirsch's office was above my expectations. I was very skeptical when making the appointment since I retired from the dental field. From the time I called to make the appointment until I had my final visit it was very informative, relaxing, and friendly. Thank you Dr. Kirsch and staff! Jen
Posted On: 07/13/2019 It has been a real pleasure to have such great staff care for me...from the front desk to the inner workings. My procedure was painless and perfect. I recommend Dr. Kirsch to everyone and anyone. Kristie
Posted On: 07/01/2019 I have a hugh dental phobia. We are in the process of moving to Sebring and I am in pain. The dentist referred me to the office to double check what was causing the problem. The pain is in my face, ear and neck. Dr.Obemayr and her staff are excellent, professional and knowledgeable in how to treat a very nervous patient. Every step of the way was explained. Doctor even offered to explain it to my husband. She offered plenty of time for questions. And went over options for the area. After the through exam I was confident in her diagnosis. She even gave me options to think about. Then told me when she could do it before her vacation. And treating it before my vacation. This was a work in appointment so I chose to think about my options.
Now I've read the low review. But if you read all of it. It ends at a money issue. Now I've been in the work force for over 40 years and I have never found a person who works for free. Also every person is different and dentistry is not a one size fits all. I could go to 10 dentist and all plan of care will be different.
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Posted On: 06/30/2019 The staff were very gentle, kind, and caring with me on every visit!! Dr. Kirsch was very gentle and concerned with my comfort level while performing treatment. He took extra time with me at every visit I had and answered all my questions. He is very personable, compassionate and really truly cares about his patient's care. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs dental surgery. Mary
Posted On: 05/12/2019 I absolutely love this place! Everyone who works here is so friendly and very professional. I feel at home here and in good hands every time I have an appointment. They are even accommodating to last minute requests. Dr. Kirsch did an amazing skin graft for me, and I could not be happier! They let me listen to music through headphones throughout the whole procedure, and it was over before I knew it! I have not had such great dental care in all my life! Thank you Dr. Kirsch and team! Sheri
Posted On: 04/05/2019 Thank you for the great care and chairside manner you gave me. From out of town one worries how things might turn out, I could not have asked for better.
God Bless, Chuck
Posted On: 03/28/2019 I can’t believe the insensitivity of this office. I had a root canal done in this office, a few months later I came back and inform The Dr Obermyer I had issues with it. She told me it may be temporal arthritis and that the root canal was fine, only later to be in pain and the tooth is now infected and root canal needs to be redone. I have a $275 balance due on my root canal basically the office staff informed in order for them to see me about the root canal and take care of it I would need to pay my balance first. Well I guess the hundreds of $$$ I paid before was no guarantee that my root canal would of been done properly to began with. Instead of the staff asking me to come and see what’s going on with my tooth, with a procedure that was done in their office all they wanted to do was be rude and talk about my balance. I don’t normally write reviews but this has really hurt me with how this office has deal with me. I had no dental insurance and paid out of pocket. I completely forgot about my $275 balance this treatment was well over $1,000. Never the less my concern was about this root canal I saw another Dr, who informed me the root canal was not done well, it was not cleaned well and is now infected and I am on antibiotics and pains meds. It needs to be redone which was not done well by Dr Obermayer to began with. Ange S website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 12/13/2018 Anne R website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 12/07/2018 I can not say enough about the experience with Dr. Obermayr and staff today. By far the best as far as professionalism and skill. From the time you are greeted when you walk in the front door to the very end you feel so comfortable. I would never go to anyone else for endodontic treatment. She is by far the best! Thank you Heartland Endotontics for such an amazing experience today. You exceeded any expectation I had for an endodontic procedure. Chastini J website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 10/31/2018 I am 68 and had my first root canal. I can not begin to say enough about my experience with Rico and Dr. Obermayr. They are so AMAZING! I can actually say it was pain free process. And they answered all my questions. They are so professional and yet so very friendly. Thank you Dr. Obermayr and Rico also the sweet receptionist. Dorothy S website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 10/19/2018 UNBELIEVABLE! Dr. Obermayr performed a root canal on tooth #30 yesterday. I went in reluctantly because the only other root canal I had in 1999 did NOT go well. Based on my experience yesterday and how I feel this morning I can only assume that my first root canal was performed by a diesel mechanic who was moonlighting as an endodontist. Dr. Obermayr and her crew are the cream of the crop!!! There aren’t enough stars to rate their performance. Joseph G
Posted On: 10/19/2018 Recommended I'm so grateful to Melissa for returning my call as quick as she did getting my husband in there without Appointment to see Dr. Obermayer thankful root canal was done Thank you so much Melissa Dr. Obermayer & Big thanks to Kara for taking the time to call Melissa
James & Deborah Hughes
Deborah H website Logo Facebook Review
Posted On: 05/17/2018 Last month you performed a root canal on a tooth of mine. As you worked on my mouth, I immediately felt your calm, confidence and skill. I want to thank you and your excellent, attentive staff for your kind and sensitive treatment. I truly appreciated the way I was treated. Janet L
Posted On: 02/07/2018 In my travels in life I have had many dentist to work on my teeth. Dr. Obermayr is by far the best for having specialized work done on your teeth. She was very caring and understanding and informative about what was being done. then you add the sweetest girls in her office is the icing on the cake. thank you one and all for being kind and friendly . I have experienced the opposite in other places and its traumatic! No one 'loves' dental work, but we have to do it and it helps to have nice, smiling, friendly and understanding people. Being new in the area it is usually by fate we find the best of the best . And..I have not experienced any pain since the root canal. I am happy happy!. Thank you again. Peggy K
Posted On: 01/25/2018 Three years ago, I was referred to Dr. Kirsch for gum disease due to my diabetes. I experienced pain in my gum everyday and just gotten used to it. He diagnosed me with gingivitis. Started me with plan of care with series of treatments. Every 3 months I have to see Liese Belcher, her dental hygienist and did all the deep and regular cleanings for me. Liese is excllent in what she does and knowledgeable about my treatments and good in advising on how to take care of my teeth and controlling of my sugar. It took a year to feel the difference. I experienced no more pain and no bleeding of my gums while brushing.3 years later, I am pain free. Thank you Dr. Kirsch and Liese for a job well done. Recommeds your service to all who needs your service. Jean A
Posted On: 11/28/2017 All I can say and not stress enough is this was the most pleasant experience I have ever had at a dentist office. I had a root can done and I do believe I fell asleep right at the end. Everyone was so understanding of my previous experiences and my fears of dental work. Thank you for making this a turning point in my future procedures. Nancy Young P
Posted On: 11/27/2017 Recommended Alina Menocal Del S website Logo Facebook Review
Posted On: 11/14/2017 Wonderful, and Professional Marie H website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 08/26/2017 Recommended They are very personable. They really make you feel like you are the only patient they have. Very polite and respectful I would recommend them to anyone. Audrey Snipes M website Logo Facebook Review

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