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Posted On: 06/02/2022 Dr. Obermayr and her staff are very professional. She did an amazing job, no pain at all! Highly recommend. Vickia D website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 05/11/2022 It was my first visit for a root canal. I was impressed with how I was greeted and made comfortable before seeing the doctor. The waiting room was lovely and my short wait was very relaxing. My preliminary exam before Dr. Obermayer saw me was comfortable and thorough. Her staff are all kind and professional. My root canal was a piece of cake for me as I settled in, completely relaxed because of the expertise of this doctor I had never seen before. Dr.Obermayer did an excellent job and I felt no pain at all. Because Dr. Obermayer saved my tooth #21 by doing a root canal, I had a crown done yesterday. Thank you Dr. Obermayer for saving my tooth and being so wonderful and kind. Janet B website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 03/15/2022 Highly recommend this organization. I have several medical issues they had to deal with and they did a very good job despite my issues. Mike B website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 01/14/2022 Am an absolute chicken when it comes to going to the dentist. Dr. Obermeyer and her staff made the whole process so easy!!! If your a chicken like me go see her and her staff!!!! Billie-jo H website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 01/08/2022 This is the best dental care I've received since my pre-retirement examination from the Army in over 20 years. Dr Kirsch and his staff were courteous and exceeded all my expectations. Dr Kirsch was thorough in his area of expertise and took the time to explain every aspect of my treatment; and not once did I feel rushed. I look forward to any future visits. Tric25 M website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 01/05/2022 Great service overall. Dr. Obermayer is so skilled in what she does, and her experience truly shows from the swiftness in her work and the way she cares for her patients so that she is able to take care of them as best as she possibly can. I was most impressed with the care she takes with numbing her patients. She understood that I was nervous, but unlike many dentists I have had in the past where they simply tell me to bear with them and then simply just inject, she really takes the time to calm her patients and has a very delicate touch. I barely felt the initial injections, and the several after needed to complete the numbing didn’t hurt at all. The after care was also something truly wonderful in my opinion. I received a call checking up on how i felt the very next morning after my root canal. Would definitely recommend if you want quality care. Sebastian R website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 08/10/2021 Dr. Obermayr is the one you want to see if you need a root canal. She and her staff are kind, friendly and very understanding toward patients with anxiety. In fact, I've never been to a medical professional who was as nice as Dr. Obermayr and her staff. I'm very grateful to her and her staff for making my experience so pleasant. Desiree W website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 07/26/2021 Dr. Gayle Obermayr was excellent. Her assistant was excellent also. I had a great experience and recommend anyone that has a fear for dental work to please come and visit Dr.Gale Obermayr you won't be disappointed. Tracy B
Posted On: 06/14/2021 Recommended Amazing staff and even better doctor. Dr. Obermayr was always making sure I was comfortable and there wasn’t any pain. Couldn’t have had a better experience. Well, if someone was in the chair besides me would have worked too. Hehe Jennifer D'Amaro D website Logo Facebook Review
Posted On: 06/14/2021 Just want to say what an amazing experience that I had today. Dr. Obermayer and her team were gentle on this very anxious patient. I had to have two root canals done at the same time and practically fell asleep during the process. Definitely the doctor for us chicken patients. Highly recommend her. Jennifer D website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 04/16/2021 Dr. Obermayr is the best! She is the most carring dentist. Her and her staff, “ Carrie and Ish” far exceeded my expectations. They provided exceptional service and made me feel calm.
I highly recommend Dr. Obermayr to anyone in need of a root canal.
Deb S website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 04/14/2021 Recommended Today I had my 2 week follow up after dental implants procedure. Everything is fine and I should be ready for my crowns soon. I am very pleased with the great care I am receiving. Harry Floyd Ryder I website Logo Facebook Review
Posted On: 03/24/2021 I have had seven root canals done by Dr. Obermeyer. She is a miracle worker & definitely the best Endodontist in Florida.She goes beyond a root canal to ensure my tooth is strong & healthy enough to survive. I never have any problems after the procedure & have never had a bad procedure. Root canals are very serious & necessary surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Obermeyer. I don’t trust anyone else to do root canals. Due to COVID-19; Dr.Obermeyer’s office & staff take pride in keeping their patients healthy & safe by abiding to all necessary precautions. If you need a root canal, check out Dr. Obermeyer today! Pixie N website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 03/21/2021 Recommended Kudos for being so professional and compassionate during my visit. Having a root canal is not what I wanted to do on spring break, but it was a great experience and I would recommend them to anyone Carol Williams G website Logo Facebook Review
Posted On: 03/13/2021 One of the most professionally run offices I have ever been to. Donna M website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 03/12/2021 Dr Gayle Obermayr and staff were professional, personable and overwhelmingly exceeded the service I needed. No complaint from me regarding my care. Patti J website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 02/26/2021 Recommended So I won’t lie I was nervous about getting a root canal beings it was first one ever, Dr Obermeyer & her assistant was absolutely amazing. Dr Obermeyer made sure I was comfortable throughout my root canal & I can’t forget Carri she was amazing very gentle with her hands when giving the anesthestic to numb me :) I deff RECOMMEND ❤️ thank you guys for making my first root canal a breeze ☺️ Brittany LeRae Y website Logo Facebook Review
Posted On: 02/05/2021 I had 2 root canals Done today it took a while these guys are good I felt comfortable during the process they kept asking if I was ok they gave me gas to help me during my procedure I recommend these guys great service Nurse R website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 02/04/2021 Dr. Obermayr and staff are great. David R website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 01/06/2021 I would highly recommend Dr Obermayr and her staff. Their kindness and professionalism goes far beyond most offices. The calm reassuring demeaner of Ricco/dental assistant and Dr Obermayr made my experience a positive one. They even offered a blanket when I stated I wished I had my sweater. If I ever need another root canal this is who I will go to. Pat L website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 01/04/2021 Dr. Obermayr and her staff are so very kind and knowledgable about teeth. Dr.has very calming manner about her that helped put me at ease. I highly recommend their office Dixie D website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 12/18/2020 I had a couple of dental issues and needed an endodondist. I am so glad my dentist recommended Dr. Obermayr (Heartland Endodontics) to me. The office took every precaution in this day of covid to keep both staff and patients safe, which was a huge plus to me. And the staff was professional and friendly! However, what impressed me most was the knowledge and care Dr. Obermayr gave me. Thank you, doctor, for taking the time and figuring out my dental issues. I highly recommend this office and doctor to family, friends and you. Sandy website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 10/31/2020 Amazing office! They are all so wonderful and nice they made me feel as comfortable as possible and even when I did freak out a little about the shots rico stood by my side and held my hand so I was 100% relaxed. This whole team Is amazing! Thank you to the whole team! This is deffinalty the best dentist office I've ever experienced! Kayla N website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 10/20/2020 Very kind, professional, and as painless as possible 😊 Liz L website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 10/15/2020 All of the staff and Dr. Obermayr are amazing. I have extreme anxiety and they all put me at ease. Everything was explained to me in a way I could understand and they are compassionate about their patients. I would highly recommend her. My RTC was unable to be performed due to some other issues but she and Rico explained it all to me as well as my options and referred me to where I will need treatment. Carrie does the anesthesia almost painlessly and has a wonderful bedside manner. 5 stars! Ashley K website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 10/12/2020 Candice A website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 10/01/2020 If I could give 10 stars I would. Dentistry work terrifies me. But the staff here was beyond wonderful and made me feel safe. Their top priority is the well being of their clients. Can not recommend them enough. Dj S website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 09/26/2020 I have generalized anxiety disorder, so going to the dentist is not on the top of my list of things to do. But my tooth was in need of a root canal and I just couldn't ignore it anymore. Dr. Obermayr and her team did a great job during my consultation making me feel more relaxed as well as planned and prepared accordingly for my procedure day so I had minimal anxiety that day. Every person I met was kind and professional, from the front desk, to the provider, and all her assistants. I've heard so many horror stories of root canals, the pain being the most talked about. But for mine, there was zero pain. So glad I was referred here, highly recommend! Natasha L website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 09/24/2020 What I thought would be a painful, unpleasant undertaking was the best Endodontic experiance I have had in my 54 yrs of life. I have had neumourous root cannals and crowns in my life. The equipment and technique. @ Heartland Endodontics is of the newest technology and State of the Art. The staff are very thorough. When you left her office , you aren't just satisfied as a patient who just recieved the best Endodontic care, you feel apart of the family. Lawrence F website Logo Google Review

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